It is imperative that we vote for candidates who support marijuana reform, and that we support future marijuana initiatives. We are in the wake of change and we control the momentum of the movement. Let your voice be heard and always vote pro-pot. In the meantime, be sure to visit 420-friendly states to show your support for marijuana reform (and to get a nice buzz on, too).
While weed can be purchased online from legal retailers and be delivered to an address in Canada with a signature from someone of legal age, purchases usually require a Canadian credit card. In Alberta, for example, that means visitors from the United States must find “a physical brick and mortar store to make their purchase and most likely will have to pay cash, as most credit card clearing companies will not clear US cards for cannabis purchases,” Heather Holmen, communications manager at Alberta Cannabis, the western province’s only legal, nonmedical online cannabis store, said in an email.

Précurseurs, les Pays-Bas ont dépénalisé depuis 1976. La France maintient, elle, l'interdiction depuis 1970. Avec 1,4 million d'usagers réguliers, elle est un des plus gros consommateurs européens de cannabis, selon l'OFDT. "La légalisation canadienne est un événement majeur. Mais la France est encore très éloignée de ces réflexions", regrette le docteur Bernard Basset, vice-président de l'Association nationale de prévention en alcoologie et addictologie (ANPAA). "La prohibition dure depuis 40 ans et s'est accompagnée d'une augmentation de la consommation" en France, rappelle-t-il. La réforme canadienne sera "suivie de près" par la communauté médicale, selon lui. "On va surtout regarder si la consommation augmente."

Indica is known to induce sedative psychoactivity, typically leading to the “body high” many users report. After ingestion, most people feel a sense of full body relaxation, calming of their central and peripheral nervous system, creating a “chill out” sensorium for the user. Some people remember the effects of indica by its “couch-lock” effect. Cognitively, this strain tends to be more anti-social given that, for the majority, it enhances introspection and a sense/comfortability with “alone time”. Some people find this strain to be a great stress reliever and sleeping aid.